Reinforce your products image and customers perceptions of your brand by having your bottles and jars screen printed.

​Services include:

Four colour process printing

Custom tool making facility

Artwork layout and design  

*Minimum quantities of 1000 of each bottle apply​.

Product labels are designed based on:

- The clients brief

- The look client wants to achieve

- Clients target market

- Bottle type

- Bottle colour

- Closure type

The following material is incorporated into each product label design:

- Product Overview/Spiel.

- Company Logo/Name.

- Product Name

We also can assist the owner with:

- Ingredient Listings.

- Industry specific Directions for  


- Contact Information.

- Product Size.

- Symbols (Accreditation.)


It is essential industry specific text is included in any product label. A product needs a story and some sizzle; it is about features and benefits.

Product labels describe and advertise your product and help it stand out from competitors on the shelf. A professional looking label can literally make or break a product.

​A well designed premium label, helps brand your product(s) and conveys the product correctly to it's target market. 



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We create industry specific product labels to compliment

your packaging, to entice customers into buying your product. ​

A well designed premium label, helps brand your product(s)

and conveys the product correctly to it's target market.



High-quality vinyl labels are used on all product orders under

1000 units. 

Long lasting, fade resistant, water-proof labels will ensure

your products will make a lasting impression.

Clear gloss vinyl labels are generally used on White and

Aluminium bottles. White gloss or white matte vinyl labels are

used on Amber, Clear or Black bottles.

Gloss vinyl labels add longevity to the life of the label,

waterproofs it for use in the bathroom and adds impact to

the colours to create a shiny, almost reflective quality to the


A standard matte laminated label, whist still waterproof, can

help add a classic, subdued look to the product label.