Lice Treating Conditioner

iUntangle - Mango Detangling Spray 
for ultra-untangled, conditioned hair

A natural, safe, detangling spray which smooth’s, detangles and conditions the hair.

directions for use: 
Towel dry your head and spray me through your hair. Comb the ends, then 
brush from the scalp to the tips... and now your melons untangled and your 
happy again, awesome!

Available Size: 250ml

iSlip - Slippery Banana Conditioner 
for ultra-conditioned soft hair

​A natural, safe, conditioner which conditions, moisturises and detangles the hair while nourishing the scalp.

directions for use: 
Squeeze me, then rub your hands together until slippery. Slide your fingers through your 
hair then rinse thoroughly... it's a miracle, your melons so soft and shinny... lol 

Available Sizes: 300ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

iWash - Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 
for fresh clean hair

A natural, safe, gentle shampoo and body wash for infants. 

directions for use: 
Mummy’s and Daddy’s, dampen your bubs’ hair with luke warm water. Squeeze 
me onto your hand and ever so softly massage, then rinse me off. I’m also mild 
enough to use me as a body wash...Wow!

Available Size: 300ml​

iClean - Melon Cleansing Shampoo 
for ultra clean fresh hair

​A natural, safe, sulphate-free shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp

directions for use:
Wet ya head, then squeeze me onto your hand and lather me up. Wash your 
melon, then thoroughly rinse me off… How good do you feel now!

Available Sizes: 300ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre

iForm - Coconut Sculpting Wax


Lice Treating Shampoo

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Lice Eradication Treatment

iPrevent - Banana Lice Preventaive Spray 
for lice free hair

A natural, safe, lice preventative spray which keeps lice at bay and prevents infestations.

directions for use:
To prevent lice: Having lice is not very nice and scratching ya head at school is not very cool,

so every day simply spray me onto your hair to keep em away… Now I’ve made ya day!

To eradicate lice: 
Spray me onto dry hair from your scalp all the way to the ends until drenched. Massage into

scalp then wrap your hair in a plastic cap. Leave me on for 20-30 minutes so I can search

for the intruders. Remove cap then comb hair, removing eggs and lice, then wash with iClean

Shampoo. Repeat the process every three days until there all evicted.

​Available Size: 250ml

Hey yo, what’s up? iKidz hair care products were created especially for young dudes and dudettes who want to look cool; because all children deserve high quality, super fly (trendy) hair care products. 

How sik is it knowing no cute, little, furry animals were used to test these super chic  products... Now that’s mad! ​

iSeparate- Cucumber & Melon Texturising Paste 
for ultra texturised, separated hair

​A natural, safe, texturising taffy which texturises, separates and shapes the hair into different styles.

directions for use:
Towel dry or blow dry your melon then dig a bit out and rub me together in your hands. 
Work through your hair to texturise or spike it up... how rad!

Available Size: 100gm