iGloss - Moroccan Shine Spray 
for extra-ordinary shine, condition and frizz control

weightless mists impart shine, controls frizziness, conditions and avert ends from 
splitting, leaving laminated illumination. 

directions for use: 
lightly mist iGloss on to dry, finished hair for illumination. Apply to your hand, 
emulsify, smooth through hair and brush to control fly-aways. Lightly mist on 
towel dried/damp hair, then blow-dry for smooth shinny hair.

Available Size: 60ml

This soft pearl like, mineral rich formulation encourages smooth elasticity in the hair, adds brilliant 

shine, tames dry hair and is perfect for that silky, lustrous look. Infused with anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and organic extracts to ensure maximum care and softness

iStraighten - Hair Straightening Crème
for poker-straight shinny hair

smooth’s unruly hair with an injection of moisture, while weightless silicones 
vertically dress down hair, shorten blow drying time and thermally protect.

directions for use: 
evenly glide a dime size amount of iStraighten through damp hair and blow-dry 
for a sexy sleek look or flat iron for ultimate smoothness. 

Available Sizes: 125ml​

iSmooth - Shine Serum 
for mind-blowing shine and soft control

weightless silicones smooth, soften, condition, seal and help straighten the hair, 
while breathable barriers protect the hair from heat styling, leaving a beautiful 
silk like finish.

directions for use:
emulsify a pearl sized drop of iSmooth into the palm of your hand, then glide 
through damp hair for light-separation and frizz control or blow-dry for a 
smooth, natural look. 

Available Size: 60ml​

iNourish - Sleek Moroccan Conditioner 
for sleek, ultra conditioned, shiny hair

rich intense ingredients like jojoba, nettle, green tea, shea butter and seed oil soften, repair, provide amazing slip factor, detangle, control static, reduces frizz, add superb shine and make combing easier. 

directions for use: 
expel a small amount of iNourish Conditioner onto your palm, emulsify and apply 
to wet hair. Gently massage into the hair for 2 to 5 minutes to allow the elixir of 
organic ingredients penetrate the hair shaft, then thoroughly rinse - Use in sync with iSoften Shampoo.

Available Sizes: 60ml, 300ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre


iSoften - Sleek Moroccan Shampoo 
for sleek, ultra fresh, shiny hair

an elixir of soothing organic extracts meticulously cleanse, while Argan Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil provide enhanced moisture to soften and dress down hair with out weighing it down.

directions for use:
expel a small amount of iSoften Shampoo onto your palm, emulsify and apply to wet hair. Gently massage into a smooth lather then thoroughly rinse. Use in sync with iNourish Conditioner​

​Available Sizes: 60ml, 300ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litre

iInfuse - Moroccan Treatment Serum 
for total hair transformation

Celebrities call certified Organic Argan (Moroccan) Oil, liquid gold because
of the myriad of benefits it delivers. These wonder ingredients along with a host of
vitamins and antioxidants instantly absorb into the hair, transforming the condition
of all hair types. Repairs, hydrates, detangles, softens, straightens, alleviates dry
scalp, cuts blow drying time by 40% and imparts diamond like shine. 
directions for use: 
apply iInfuse (miracle oil) to towel dried, damp hair and blow dry, straighten or curl
for a soft, healthy, vibrant, shinny finish.  

Available Size: 60ml​

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