1/ 99% of the time we achieve the customers desired result with the first or second sample.

2/ Your initial samples will be sent freight free (For Australian Customers only.)

3/ The majority of samples come in full retail sizes
(Not travel sizes) so you can get a good feel for the products.

4) Adding or changing ingredients may increase the unit price of your product. 

5) In the event changes are required, we may need to re-invoice the appropriate 'Product Development Fee.'

6) Once customer gives the go ahead to formulate samples, our Accounts Department will issue an invoice for the appropriate

    'Product Development Fee'

7) Once the invoice is paid your order is added to our 'Production Schedule.'

8) All samples take between 2 - 6 weeks to formulate depending on a number of factors.
(Eg. Machinery & 
    equipment availability, available staff, ingredient availability, the number of orders we are currently processing)

​​​  Sample Terms & Conditions

Important Things to Know​

1/ iRange Formulations has three different pricing options when it comes to formulating samples for potential customers (Ask your

   Sales Manager for prices.)  

2/ The ‘Product Development Fee’s’ we charge are kept to a very minimum (We do not charge for samples to make money, often the

    samples cost us more to manufacture than we charge.)  

3/ The higher priced 'Product Development Fee' will apply for the following reasons: 

a) For customers who’s requests translates to considerable work being undertaken in the laboratory by our product formulators. 

    b) For customers who request another companies product is replicated (copied.) 

   c) For customers who (after receiving their initial sample) request major changes to the original sample sent: e.g. ingredient changes that

       alter the formulation or integrity of product, changes to the viscosity, colour or hold factor.

4/ iRange Formulations will formulate one product sample 
(Based on your requirements and with your choice of 
    fragrance, if requested.)

5/ Unless customer chooses fragrance/scent, products will come with a pre-chosen fragrance/scent. 

6/ All waxes/pomades come with a pre-chosen fragrance for in-house, manufacturing reasons
(Unless you are 
    happy to pay the higher 'Product Development Fee.'

7/ If a customer requires another sample formulated, for the following reasons, another 'Product Development 
    Fee' will apply and the freight fee will also need to be paid by the customer. 

) A different fragrance/scent is required (So customer can smell the scent)

    b) Customer wants to add or subtract certain raw materials.

8/ For product samples that come with a pre-chosen fragrance: 

a) Once customer has approved sample (Subject to change of scent) they can advise iRange Formulations of 
        their choice of fragrance, before we commence manufacturing your opening order.

We rarely respect something as much when it’s free because we don’t have 'skin in the game' (We have not had to dip into our own pocket)  Besides the money, there’s an important psychological principle happening. If someone is going to chase a dream, or make a big change in their business, they have to change their mindset. Free products will not change  a persons mindset. 

Invest in your dream!

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