​​​  Sample Terms & Conditions


1/ After we have received your brief, playing with product samples is the first step in creating your own range. It is important to us and vital

    each product performs on hair, does what it says to give you the confidence to move to the next step. 

2/ To enable customers to affordably play with product samples we keep the ‘Product Development Fees’ we charge to formulate your

    unique products to a very minimum 

3/ After receiving your brief our Formulations Team will evaluate the product(s) you would like us to formulate and then

    advise you the individual fee to formulate your unique product(s).

4/ Sample fees will be broken down into one of four categories and charged accordingly:

     a) Minor tweaking of our formulations = $ 

     b) Medium tweaking of our formulation = $

      c) Considerable tweaking of our formulations = $

      d) Copying other companies products = $

*Note: Once you advise the product you are considering having formulated we then advise the applicable 'Product Development Fees'

5/  A regular delivery fee (The price we are charged by our freight company) will be charged to send samples to customers.

6/ The higher priced 'Product Development Fees will apply for the following reasons: 

    a) For customers who’s requests translates to considerable work being undertaken in the laboratory by our product formulators. 

    b) For customers who (after receiving their initial sample) request major changes to the original sample sent: e.g. ingredient 
        changes that alter the formulation or integrity of product, changes to the viscosity, colour or hold factor.

    c) For customers who request another companies product is replicated/copied. *See notes below


1/ iRange Formulations will formulate one product sample (Based on your brief). 99% of the time we achieve the customers desired result

   with the first or second sample.

2/ Unless customer chooses fragrance/scent, products will come with a pre-chosen fragrance/scent. 

3/ All waxes/pomades come with a pre-chosen fragrance for in-house, manufacturing reasons (Unless you are happy to pay the 
   higher 'Product Development Fee’).

4/ Once customer has approved sample (Subject to change of scent) they can advise iRange Formulations of their choice 
    of fragrance, before we commence manufacturing your opening order.

5/ In some cases pre-chosen fragrance/scents may need to be changed or altered when it comes time to manufacturing your opening order 

6/ If a customer requires another sample formulated, for the following reasons, another 'Product Development Fee' and delivery 
    fee will be charged to the customer. 

    a) A different fragrance/scent is required (So customer can smell the scent).

    b) Customer wants to add or subtract certain raw materials.

    Note: Alternatively we can send individual 3ml size bottles of Essential Oils or Fragrant Oils *Ask Area Manager for applicable prices.


It is important to note:

1/ Unless we have a product formulation it is impossible to copy another companies product exactly. What is written on the back of 

     companies products is an 'Ingredients list’ not a ‘Product Formulation.' A formulation shows: the ingredients, the percentage of each

     ingredient used, the sequence each ingredient is added, the heating and cooling, the temperatures each ingredient needs to be before

     being added, the method how it’s formulated plus a myriad of other factors and procedures. 

2/ We may be able to make a variation of the product you send... but it will not be exactly like the original.

3/ Your welcome to send us the products that you would like us to emulate, to give us a better idea of what you are envisaging. It is quite

     possible we already have a similar formulation/product (but not exact.) If we do, we will only charge you the lower 'Product Development

     Fee’. *We can confirm the price once we see/play/evaluate the product you wish to have copied.

4/ We do not guarantee we can emulate the product you asked us to copy. 

5/ Due to the following reasons it can take to 2 - 3 months to formulate another companies product:

    a) We have to create a formulation from scratch.     b) Lengthy testing procedures are involved.

6/ Once you have received your first sample, if necessary, we can make one more change to the formulation. 99% of the time we achieve the

    clients desired result with the first or second or sample. If not we charge another 'Product Development Fee and the process starts again.

7/ Due to the following reasons, once you approve the sample, the minimum opening order quantity (for first order) may be 100 to 200 

     a) In order to manufacture/provide small quantities for salon owners we have to keep the process very simplified

     b) It is not financially practically or viable for us

    c) Creating a new product can take months of work and cost us considerable money so to recoup these costs we need to 
impose a 

        minimum order quantity! 


1/ For peace of mind once we create a unique product for a customer we will not use the exact same raw materials, percentage 
    of raw materials or the same combination of essential oils or fragrances for other customers. We will not share our customers 
    details to any third parties, including other customers, so our customers product information is kept confidential. What makes     
    your product truely unique is: your unique product formulation - your choice or combination of essential oils and fragrances - 
    additional raw materials - your bottles, jars and closure choices - your product names - your unique product information and 
    directions for use - your individual product or company story - your unique label design.

2/ Our goal to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. This being the case, it is not in our interest 
     to jeopardise this relationship by making other companies products the same as yours.


Our company is proud of the fact that we made it possible for salon owners to effectively be able to have their own product range, whilst only having to order small quantities.  

To get to the stage where we could provide this service to salon owners we invested (and continue to do so) considerable time, money and industry experience into developing formulations, which in turn are our own intellectual property. 

When a customer engages our services (both initially and for repeat orders) any money or fee's charged by iRange Formulations is for, but not limited to: product samples, label design fees, creative writing fees (label content), barcodes, product manufacturing, jars, lids, label printing, label application and labour costs (The final product only) and not for the formulation or method used to manufacture the product.

The only instance in which a customer owns the actual product formulation is if they (the customer) provided iRange Formulations with their own formulation (Not an ingredients list or another companies product). What is written on the back of a companies product is an 'Ingredients list’ and not a product formulation. A formulation shows the ingredients used, the percentage of each ingredient used, the sequence each ingredient is added, the heating and cooling temperatures each ingredient needs to be before being added, the method how it’s formulated plus a myriad of other factors and procedures. 

In all instances where iRange Formulations created a product using our own in-house formulations (intellectual property) then we retain ownership of the actual formulation. Unfortunately we do not share our formulations to our customers or any other third party manufactures because they are our own intellectual property. 


1/ The majority of samples come in full retail sizes (Not travel sizes) so you can get a good feel for each product.

2) Once customer gives the go ahead to formulate samples, our Accounts Department will issue an invoice for the appropriate 
    'Product Development Fee'

3) Once the invoice is paid your order is added to our 'Production Schedule.'

4) All samples take between 2 - 6 weeks to formulate depending on a number of factors. Please be aware that although we aim 
    to have your products manufactured in this time frame, orders may take longer in the  following circumstances (When we are 

    manufacturing a higher that normal volume of orders, machinery & equipment availability, machinery & equipment breakdowns or when

    maintenance and servicing is being carried out, staff availability, ingredient availability from suppliers, public holidays etc)

5/ All product samples come with plain stickers (no labels) to identify each product. Your own product labels are designed  
    once you approve samples and place your opening order.

We rarely respect something as much when it’s free because we don’t have 'skin in the game' (We have not had to dip into our own pocket)  Besides the money, there’s an important psychological principle happening. If someone is going to chase a dream, or make a big change in their business, they have to change their mindset. Free products will not change  a persons mindset. 

Invest in your dream!

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